One Cancer Place Introduces

Kapa Institute

It’s widely known that today’s physicians appreciate the informed patient. It’s the KAPA INSTITUTE’S goal to encourage patients to be active participants in their own treatment and care decisions by providing them with evidence-based knowledge and support. OCP is leading the way in cancer literacy education for patients so that they understand why they need to take an active part in shared decision-making with their physicians.

With the introduction of the KAPA INSTITUTE, OCP takes the lead in patient self-advocacy, offering navigational education and providing a unique and respectful pathway to survivorship. The KAPA INSTITUTE’S goal is to provide access to important information for the patient seeking satisfaction for questions; e.g., “why am I having a PET scan?”, “what is the difference between chemotherapy and immunotherapies?”, “why should I not have my tumor sequenced for mutations?”, etc.

The INSTITUTE has three learning goals to help our patient/students navigate their diagnosis:

Language - “CancerWords”, teaching cancer as a foreign language

  • Greater fluency with the language, the “jargon” of cancer science

Landscape - “Cancerland”, see the landmarks, get direction

  • Better navigation of the “map”, the landscape of cancer treatment

Leadership - “CancerVoice”, inspiration, delivered by advocacy KOLs

  • Enhanced engagement skills for shared decision-making

Part 1



Delivered by the leading scientists as guest professors, the KAPA INSTITUTE offers workshop lessons on relevant issues. Some cancer-related topics to be addressed: Cancer as a Foreign Language, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Today’s Biomarkers, Diagnostic Testing Landscape, Translational Medicine, Patient Community Building, Cancer Science History, Facilitated Patient Advocacy Leadership, Drug Safety Issues


  • LIVE From KAPA INSTITUTE - scientific conversations between today’s cancer heroes. Hosted by Arcellx Chief Medical Officer Christopher Heery, MD, each session provides scientific discussions in brilliantly conversational and easy-learning styles.
  • VOICES - the patient stories, as told by our patients and caregivers, bringing the reality of cancer to life - as it is authentically lived - from people with cancer diagnoses.

Part 2


  • KAPA Scholarships are offered to the leading, world-wide oncology conferences: ASCO, ESMO, AACR. At these conferences, our KAPAs host exhibits, attend poster sessions, invite physicians to small group discussions. They interact with industry sponsors and fellow advocacy groups, raise awareness of patient needs and share experiences. All the while, our KAPAs are practicing their new navigational skills and discovering their untapped voices in the real-world settings of cancerland and patient care.

Part 3


  • Professionally facilitated, annual in-person conference for KAPA Scholars and focused on team building, education and everything KAPA!
KAPA Institute