Welcome to One Cancer Place.
Home to patients of all cancer types.

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Founded by actual cancer patients and survivors, we intimately understand the challenges we all face. We're here to guide you through the complex cancer landscape and help you begin to understand its unique language.

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Our Mission

Training patients to help other patients.

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Our Vision

An all-inclusive, pan-tumor patient network that leads in delivering cancer education. Sub-groups are patient-led social communities wherein the major features of each group are

1) personal interconnection,

2)  warm welcomes which create enduring relationships,

3) patient curation and delivery of relevant cancer information, and

4) thoughtful comments and contributions by engaged community members.

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Our Values


Evidence-based Information

Personal Sponsorship
Patient Pairing
Focus on Education

Finding Purpose

Healthy Lifestyles
Community Ethos


Guidance to Clinical Trials

Education + Interconnection. The key to informed patients and better outcomes.

Built on a three tier system, One Cancer Place is focused on empowerment through applied training, patient navigation & community connections.

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Attracting the Heroes of CancerLand as Instructors, One Cancer Place Institute delivers to patient/caregiver students a good start with cancer LANGUAGE, LANDSCAPE, and LEADERSHIP.

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Certified KAPA™ Fellows are offered to the larger community to help the newly-diagnosed patients find their way in their new reality.

KAPA: Kick-Ass Patient Advocates

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Discover & get invited to private online patient groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, and stay connected through social media. Follow us on Instagram, Threads, Facebook and LinkedIn for news, community, and peer learning!

Introducing the

One Cancer Place Institute

Through the One Cancer Place Institute, KAPA™ Fellows are empowered with leadership training, a better understanding of cancer jargon, and an elementary roadmap of the cancer sector. Our KAPA Fellows are equipped to provide effective patient navigation and support, guiding the newly diagnosed through the complexities of the cancer journey.