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Erika Hanson Brown

Founder and creator of Colontown


LIVE! from ONE CANCER PLACE is our first program to launch us in the cancer community, and we are so pleased to announce our Program Founding Partner: SEAGEN, Inc.
SEAGEN (formerly Seattle Genetics) is known for its focus on rigorous science and providing a transformational experience for cancer patients. We know first-hand of one such patient whose life was transformed by a revolutionary medicine that was developed by the SEAGEN team of scientists. We are very grateful to them for their continued devotion to the right drug at the right time, and we are also grateful for your support for our community and our patients.


Not only is the Colorectal Cancer Alliance the leading organization in the colorectal "space", but they are showing exquisite leadership by stepping forward and providing support for ONE CANCER PLACE and our developing patient community.

Thank you, CCA!  We are very much looking forward to collaborating with you!


When I disclosed to Charles Weidman that I build patient communities using the basic strategy of SCALING GROWTH WITH INTIMACY, he grinned in approval for my concept. He immediately told me that he wants to help me prove this strategy, and he offered us the use of his wonderful emailing platform.

Thank you, Charles!!


When I learn that I, as a patient, can opt to have a simple blood test that can determine if there is microscopic disease still residing in my system before it shows up on a scan down the road, I’m ALL IN.

NATERA's Signatera® is such a test, and made for today's more scholarly cancer patients.

Today’s patients can really “get ahead” of their disease with this earlier knowledge. With more current information, we patients can move forward to our recoveries more easily.

Thank you, Natera, for always supporting ONE CANCER PLACE and our inquiring minds!