A New Patient Powerhouse
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One Cancer Place, the first patient-powered
cancer learning community.
Mission: To create a global, all-cancer patient-led learning
community connected to innovative treatment offerings.
Hello, Iʼm Erika Hanson Brown

“You have cancer.” These three words forever changed my life. Shocked, alone and terrified, I felt cast out to sea. I had no bearings, no way to navigate, no one to help me chart my course.

A beacon for colorectal cancer patients

I needed to learn as much about my cancer as I could as fast as possible. I knew experienced colorectal cancer patients could help, but privacy laws prevented name referrals.

Determined to find others in my situation, I leveraged my entrepreneurial experience and created Colontown. A social destination for colorectal cancer patients, Colontown builds community through shared information, patient aggregation and clinical trial opportunities. It gives members knowledge and hope—all with a healthy dose of bathroom humor. I learned that patient-to-patient support leads to more engaged patients and better outcomes.

A new cancer paradigm

We used to think about cancer in terms of organs, but we’ve discovered a new way of understanding cancer. As an example, biomarkers can identify the underlying connection between colon, pancreatic and lung cancers as a single, genetic mutation expressed in different ways. Breakthroughs in both cancer diagnosis and treatment are on the horizon, which means patients need a new destination, one that expands beyond the organ site.

Destination: One Cancer Place

Welcome to One Cancer Place, my vision for cancer patient empowerment and personalized medicine across all cancer types. I want to make cost-free biomarker testing possible for our patients so they can make informed, strategic decisions about their treatment early on. With One Cancer Place, we can connect biomarker siblings from across the globe to share experiences and information. We can attract people and create possibilities to advance cancer research through clinical trials. One Cancer Place puts hope on the map.

Letʼs do more, together

I’ve seen firsthand just how much patients, doctors and researchers can do when we all work collectively. I’m ready to scale the Colontown approach to all cancer types. It’s a big dream, and it’s going to take people like you to help make it a reality. Are you on board for the journey?

If you would like to be part of One Cancer Place, please give me a call.